Our Team

Rissah "ZsaZsa" Shao


ZsaZsa Shao is a Master Trainer in Northeast Ohio. She has been teaching Pilates since 2012. She discovered Pilates while working as a Physical Therapist at a Holistic Outpatient Physical Therapy facility. She was inspired by seeing how Pilates helps with chronic pain, post-surgery recovery, movement restrictions and limitations and over all movement and posture optimization.


She trained with one of Asia’s premiere STOTT Pilates Instructor trainer and LTC owner Vivian Zapanta. She has completed all 4 levels of STOTT PILATES training. STOTT PILATES is one of the most trusted Pilates educational institution in the world. She is a certified specialist in Pre-natal and Post-natal Pilates as well as Injuries and Special Populations. ZsaZsa trained in Rehabilitation Pilates with Melanie Byford-Young who pioneered the Rehabilitation Pilates Education. ZsaZsa is trained in Fascial Movement Foundation and certified in Trigger Point, Barre Above with Pilates Focused and TRX. She is constantly refreshing her knowledge and training in fitness and rehabilitation. ZsaZsa has a special interest in Rehabilitation, Post- Injury and Recovery and works with many clients with different injuries and conditions.


She is beloved for her caring and charismatic personality and is known for helping clients recover from pain, movement limitations, and postural problems. She has helped people walk and be active again. She loves teaching and mentoring new Pilates teachers. She has completed several Teacher Trainings and produced great teachers in Northeast Ohio.


Cleveland Pilates is her greatest accomplishment. She opened the studio in 2021 with the goal to create a space that focuses on helping people achieve an optimally functioning body that can move pain free with balanced strength and mobility in excellent alignment. She specializes in the ability to use equipments and props in various ways that benefits the clients distinct body. She has develop effective ways of using the Pilates Apparatuses based on the clients unique kinesiology and physiology. This is the foundation of Cleveland Pilates which creates an effective and efficient individualized system. Sharing the love of teaching Pilates, helping people move better and feel better through Pilates is one of her greatest joy. Pilates is her passion and profession.

Kelly Fieseler

Kelly has a Master of Physical Therapy Degree from the University of Iowa College of Medicine.  She has practiced in a unique niche of Osteopathic Manual Medicine, Functional Movement and Performance, Neuromotor Programming and Re-education, Biomechanics, Essential Athletic Movement Training©, Athlete Injury Prevention and Return to Sport,  with orthopedic clients of all ages and performance backgrounds.  She has  specialization in Head and Neck Dysfunction and Pain, Spine,Shoulder Mechanics and Dysfunction, Pediatric Torticollis and Scoliosis. She has an extensive background in Sports Performance and  Essential Athletic Movement© and Mechanics. She works with professional musicians, elite youth and professional athletes, chronic pain, as well as post rehab individuals who want to return to their highest level of performance.  

Her love and passion for the foundations and principles of Joseph Pilates became a seamless addition to her practice about 15 years ago.  She believes that optimal movement requires a balance of stability, strength, mobility and a connection between the mind and body.  Her training through Balanced Body Education for Rehabilitation was paramount in her approach to all of her clients.   

She has comprehensive training in Pilates Apparatus (including Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrel), and Pilates Mat.  She has also completed workshops on TriggerPoint, TRX and Functional Standing Movement.  

Her practice is science-based, and focused on identifying suboptimal patterns of movement and muscle firing, malalignment and muscle imbalances, and developing an individualized approach to restoring neuromuscular balance and therefore eliminating pain and optimizing functional movement.  She has developed an approach to Pilates that is unique and allows for maximum results in real time.  


Our Story

We are a sincere Pilates Studio with a straightforward vision. We believe that  a Personalized Pilates session is the optimal way to get the full benefits of Pilates.  The small details are crucial to get proper muscle activation and stabilization. Mobilizing and stabilizing the body through intrinsic and extrinsic feedbacks are key to advantageous results. We believe that closely guided movements that  are tailored to the individual body is what will create profound results.