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I have always maintained a regular fitness regimen.
My goal always was to maintain A certain amount of core strength and mobility at any age.
On any given busy workday, I would find some time to run or weight train and I felt great.
Then 11 years ago I suffered an incomplete spinal cord injury and after learning how to walk all over again, I needed to find a better way to maintain strength and flexibility.
My physical therapist introduced me to Pilates and I felt the benefits right away.
Then I found this amazing Pilates instructor who actually knew how to push me to perform at levels I thought impossible. Zsa Zsa Creates new routines every time we meet, utilizing an amazing array of equipment. Always a great experience, there is a balance between strength training, stretching and coordination. I will always go back to Zsa Zsa- she really gets me and every workout is like a fingerprint- always unique and different.

Tom Tallman