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young woman having a pilates class in Cleveland OH

Cleveland Pilates

Move Better. Feel Better.

What's stopping you from feeling better?

Back Pain

Upper, lower, and mid back pain affects everything we do in our day-to-day lives. Left unresolved, it only gets worse.

Bad Posture

Bad posture affects your muscles, joints, and circulation, and can even lead to breathing problems and fatigue.

Mental Health

Lack of regular body movement and socializing negatively affects our mental health, especially as we get older.

Start moving better and feeling better with a pilates plan

created just for you!

Pilates Classes

Pilates is your body's weekly oil change.

In order to move better and feel better with pilates, you need a consistent routine that is tailored just for you and your body. At Cleveland Pilates, you’ll work with one of our friendly and highly trained pilates instructors dedicated to training, educating, and motivating you to move better in your everyday life.

Private and Semi-Private sessions are available:


Pilates Training

How to get started


Request Consultation

Connect via phone with a certified pilates trainer to discuss your current health and fitness level, your wants, needs, and goals.

Request Consultation Now


Registration & Schedule

Schedule your first session using our website, studio app, or directly by text, phone, or email. Next, complete the registration forms.


Introductory Session

Your trainer will get to know your body, where it’s at today, and where it needs to be. You'll learn the machines and get a tailored pilates workout plan.


Move Better, Feel Better

Consistency is key! After your Introductory Session, we’ll schedule you for your regular weekly sessions to keep you feeling better, and moving better.

Studio for pilates classes in Cleveland OH

A Pilates Studio For You

Cleveland Pilates is run by ZsaZsa Shao, a renowned Pilates instructor. ZsaZsa and her team of Pilates Trainers help you achieve a pain-free, healthy, and well-balanced body that can move with ease and alignment.

Google 5-Star Rated Pilates Studio

Master Pilates Trainer for Northeast Ohio

Comprehensively Certified Level 4 Pilates instructor (STOTT Pilates)

Our instructors are knowledgeable and experienced in Pilates, Fitness, and Physical Therapy



ZsaZsa and her team's Pilates teaching methods are the best. I feel that small classes and/or private training are the only ways to get maximum benefits from Pilates. ZsaZsa has been my trainer for over 5 years and at 70 I'm stronger and more flexible than I was at 40. I highly recommend this studio and encourage anyone interested in strength and flexibility to try Cleveland Pilates.


My physical therapist introduced me to Pilates and I felt the benefits right away. Then I found this amazing Pilates instructor who actually knew how to push me to perform at levels I thought impossible. Zsa Zsa creates new routines every time we meet, utilizing an amazing array of equipment. Always a great experience, there is a balance between strength training, stretching, and coordination. I will always go back to Zsa Zsa - she really gets me and every workout is like a fingerprint - always unique and different.


I’ve been doing pilates off and on for a decade. Every studio has a style. I love Cleveland Pilates’s style more than any studio I’ve come across. They are able to identify problem areas quickly and address them immediately. Before walking into class today, I had to pull my leg towards me to put on socks. By the time I left today’s session, I effortlessly lift my leg up to put my socks back on. I’m breathing easier. I’m walking looser. I love this studio.


man with instructor at a pilates class in Shaker Heights OH

Pilates Benefits

Better Posture

Pain relief

Efficient Movement Patterns

Mental Health Benefits

Balance & Flexibility

Regional & General Strength 

Body Coordination

Are you ready to move better and feel better?

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