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Floor vs Reformer: a definitive comparison

Updated: May 18, 2021

Pilates is a form of movement science that works on lengthening the muscles and keeping them strong at any range of flexibility. It’s a mindful exercise that brings awareness to several parts of the body.

Mat Pilates are Floor Based Pilates exercises. These are composed of meticulous movements of the spine and the body. Controlled movement of the body challenges the stability of the spine, shoulders, pelvis and rib cage. Body weight is used as the primary resistance but hand weights, exercise bands or exercise balls can also be used.

Equipment Pilates are Reformer Based Pilates exercises. It can also make use of the Ladder Barrel, Pilates Chair or any of the various pilates machines. Working with machines allows assistance to move the body in ranges that would otherwise not be accessible to one’s body. This makes Equipment Pilates a great rehabilitation tool as an adjunct to traditional Physical Therapy.

Both kinds of Pilates-based exercise are beneficial to creating a balanced body that is optimally functional.

-ZsaZsa Shao


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